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Boardwalk Empire’s got nothing on NYC when it comes to distilling. So sayeth¬†Mary Jane Weedman for Grub Street, the gastronomic arm of the iconic New York Magazine. In her essay, she introduces lovacores to NY’s growing fraternity of craft distillers. JFB is proud to be included among respected colleagues. Included are:

The Noble Experiment. Tirado Distillery. Kings County Distillery. Van Brunt Stillhouse. Cacao Prieto. Greenhook Ginsmiths. The New York Distilling Company. Breuckelen Distilling. Industry City Distilling.

Replete with amazing cocktails and where to imbibe them, you can read her thoughts here, or even better: go pick up a copy, on newsstands now.

And don’t miss this amazing piece on why Red Hook is AWESOME.

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Photo by Victor Prado/New York Magazine

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