Sorel Awarded 5 Stars/Highest Recommendation in Spirit Journal

F. Paul Pacult is America’s foremost expert on distilled spirits. He is the Founding Editor and Publisher of the Spirit Journal, the most trusted newsletter on spirits, wine, and renders unbiased reviews and ratings that are considered the gold standard within the alcoholic beverage industry. The Spirit Journal is “the world’s most quoted publication on spirits, beer, and fortified wines.”

It is with great pride we report the December 2012 Spirit Journal has awarded Sorel Liqueur five (of five) stars, it’s highest recommendation. It is with F. Paul Pacult’s permission we republish his review, verbatim:

Cassis-like coloring, excellent purity. BOFFO AROMATICATO! My goodness, I detect major clove, nutmeg and ginger, right out of the aromatic gate; this feisty bouquet is laden with zesty spice that lasts long into the secondary passes. Entry is–to my complete surprise–gently sweet, fruity, floral and spicy; midpalate is succulent, piquant peppery, zesty and totally beguiling. Aftertaste brings all the various components together in a rush of elegant juiciness. Perfectly rendered in terms of spice, floral aspect, acid freshness and fruitiness. All the flavors are pulling the wagon in unison. Love it. Unlimited cocktail potential. Five stars/Highest recommendation.

© JFB 2012

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